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Jan 2021

Episode #136 — “Fifty-Four Inches of Freedom”

Welcome back friends! In this, the penultimate Nerdy Venoms Podcast of the Trump Aministration, Regine Sawyer pays us a visit to talk about her upcoming (and by upcoming we mean right about now!) Schomburg Center Black Comic Book Festival 2021 virtual panel! In other news...Wonder Woman 84 sucks! How low will the reviews go?!? Will it be worse than a certain Danish action cartoon?!? Find out on this week's Nerdy Venoms Podcast!

Dec 2020

Episode #135 — “Final Festivus III”

ITS FESTIVUS TIME AGAIN! And there's no better way to air grievances than the Golden Mask Awards! Join the party as the Nerdy Venoms try to remember anything they liked in a year we'd all rather forget. That and the news on this week's Nerdy Venoms Podcast! 

Dec 2020

Episode #134 — “A Visit From Russ”

THIS WEEK ON THE NERDY VENOMS... Filmmaker Russ Emanuel drops by for the first time since the Before Times (AKA Comigamani) to discuss the indiegogo campaign to finish his new film "Staycation". IN OTHER TOPICS... we yammer on about the Disney Investors Day Briefing and give CD Projekt Red the cancellation they sorely deserve. All that and the news on this week's Nerdy Venoms Podcast!

Dec 2020

Episode #133 — “Government Cheese”

THIS WEEK ON THE NERDY VENOMS...We trash Chris Nolan over his misplaced outrage at HBO Max, discuss whether or not the PS5 is a success or a fiasco, and fat shame Boba Fett! Plus the news on this week's high pork content edition of the Nerdy Venoms!


Dec 2020

Episode #132 — “Christmas Covid Calamity”

This week... a completely unhinged episode that shoves the holiday buying guide and several news stories into a whirlpool of insanity. If you can follow it good for you. If not...well you're not the the only one. Enjoy!


Nov 2020

Episode #131 — “Parzival’s Bizarre Adventure: Legendary Silver Crystal Is Unbreakable!”

This week on a special Thanksgiving edition of The Nerdy Venoms. Ernest Cline wrote a very bad book. Lets sample it, shall we!?! We also talk cartoons we'd like to see make comebacks in honor of the Animaniacs reboot. Plus news and the Silver Spoons kid gets cancelled on this week's Nerdy Venoms!

Nov 2020

Episode #130 — “Lame Duck Sessions”

This week on the Nerdy Venoms...we spend way too much time on Bo-Kataan's boob armor! We also air some unknown facts about ourselves and can't wrap our heads around 900 episode long television series about pirates! All that plus the news, on this week's confused edition of the Nerdy Venoms!


Nov 2020

Episode #129 — “End of an Error”

This week on the Nerdy Venoms...the Trump presidency will not be renewed for another four years. Lets party! Topics and reviews galore! Come in and listen will ya?

Oct 2020

Episode #128 — “Salty Venoms Halloween Spooktacular 2020″

THIS WEEK ON THE NERDY VENOMS -- Its the last show before the election so that means halloween horror and frights! Not the least being Quibi being dead. Also some reviews. Join us and get spooked!

Oct 2020

Episode #127 — “Get Sus or Die Trying”

Last week on the nerdy venoms....the episode got lost. =(

THIS WEEK ON THE NERDY VENOMS... All the stuff we shoulda done last time. Including various topics on Trump sycophants, Halloween becoming less festive due to Coronavirus, and so many spoilers! Plus our usual nonsense on this week's Nerdy Venoms!

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